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dragon_sitters's Journal

Dragon/Egg sitting for those who need it
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This community is for people who have hatchlings/eggs and can not post them for the following reasons:

1. Going out of town

2. Grounded

3. have eggs but are really busy and don't want them to die.

4. Any other reason you will not be able to post your dragons at another clicking site.

1. After you make your post. be sure to come back after your able to get your dragons on other click sites, and delete you original post so we can keep track of who really needs the clicks.

2. More than 4 sprites, be them dragons or eggs need to be behind a cut.

3. Be kind or be banned.

4. Spam and you're gone.

5. We do accept Affiliates, please pm goddess_naunett for permission before posting.

6. There is no rule here about foul language, but please don't curse every other word, it will piss off the mods. Icons of any kind are ok here.

7. Attention People who babysit click! Please remember to come 1 to 2 times a day to click,so that people will come back home to live eggs/hatchlings/dragons.

This is a sister site of random_dragons. User page graphics provided by andymere